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Natural leaders have a special place at MultiChoice. We need important decisions made daily that drive our teams to deliver results. They’re not just suits with overflowing inboxes, they make the tough calls and determine the organisation’s direction.

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Chief financial officers oversee all the financial aspects of the organisation, including forecasts, reporting and risk management.


Chief intelligence officers are in charge of the business’s information technology strategy and the computer systems and networks that are required to fulfil the business’s needs.


Chief technology officers are responsible for establishing and policing strategies around the technology used to conduct business for productivity, security and innovation purposes.


Chief digital officers are solely responsible for facilitating digital transformation in the organisation and ensuring the seamless integration of digital systems across departments.


The chief marketing officer’s purview covers everything that includes the company’s brand positioning and marketing its products and services to its customers.


The chief operations officer is tasked with the supervision of day-to-day operations at a senior level to ensure that all managers and heads of department have the resources to drive their teams.

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