We identify as a Namibian ICT anchor, with four branches employing 140 staff, with access to 130+ installers and 33 agents, with our products available through 300+ retailers across the country. In this way, we actively contribute to employment, skills development and broad, national access to ICT technology, directly in line with government’s objectives.

As a local business rooted in Namibia, our prowess allows our customers to see and identify with us as a preferred ICT brand, managed by Namibians who employ Namibians.

Our business has successfully integrated into the digital migration era, having leveraged off technological transformation as well as adopting a #CustomerFirst approach.

If we look at our sphere of influence, this gives us right of passage and in the context of our local relevance strategy it underpins the following:

  • We can consistently adapt to changing environments.
  • We continue to bring the best viewing experience and content to our customers, while providing customer friendly self-service platforms, as well as reward subscribers through value-addition campaigns.

Our business has transformed progressively by providing platforms that speak to innovation as showcased through our Explora adoption, our MyDStv and MyGOtv Apps, the launch of DStv WhatsApp, the availability of DStv & Catch Up video on demand service, Showmax as well as our 18 real-time payment platforms.

Entertainment is in our DNA, and as Africa’s leading storyteller, we’re excited to celebrate our voices and share our stories. As a Namibian business and leading ICT anchor, we’re playing an active transformational role, utilising communication technology to enrich the lives of our customers. We believe that the key ingredients to this success is having an enabling government, as well as regulatory regimes that stimulate business, including the broader economy. We commit to providing our subscribers with all the digital capabilities, to connect and enjoy our integrated, and personalised products and services, today and into the future.

Roger Gertze
Managing Director, MultiChoice Namibia

How we create social value

As a business we develop, nurture and sustain a comprehensive value chain which, supports local business and communities, through investments in infrastructure and empowerment initiatives. We are more than just entertainment; we empower Namibian communities that inspire and build us in return.

Growing Namibia’s creative industries

As a company that believes in enriching lives to empower our local community, our aim to achieve equality and inclusivity extends even further to our Creating Shared Value initiative.

We are proud of our 6 MTF Alumni who are using their newfound skills to develop the creative industry. They have gone on to create their own content to highlight women’s issues within the country, serve as producers on award-winning productions in Namibia, and have cemented roles within the media industry.

Walking away with not one but two qualifications, our 2020 cohort who consists of Shona Ngava, Hilma Sheehama and Riejhaat Wolhuter will be even more sought-after as they re-enter their respective local film and TV sectors as highly qualified industry professionals. Alongside their MTF qualification, the students also walk away with an equally illustrious qualification from the prestigious New York Film Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (NYFA).

Africa’s creative industries are custodians of the continent’s cultural heritage, and as Africa’s most-loved storyteller, MultiChoice has always put to use its burning desire to develop and invest in African talent through initiatives such as MTF.

Enriching Namibian’s lives

It’s a new era for MultiChoice Namibia as enable not only our employees, but our customers to navigate the ever-changing landscape. Our vision is to be Africa’s number one entertainment platform, with content and technology at its heart. We continue to change the way we engage with our customers to provide a more powerful entertainment experience for today and into the future.

As part of our transformation, we are focused on redesigning our customer journey to augment the customer experience and ready MultiChoice Namibia for the future. We are enhancing the way we engage with Namibians at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

We are positioning MultiChoice for the future by providing integrated customer value propositions that personalise the customer experience, to develop strong customer loyalty.

We consider ourselves differentiators and disruptors, as an aggregator of services, to give Namibian customers exactly what they are asking for. Our journey will enable best-in-class customer experience solutions and across the entire spectrum of our steady, yet agile business as we live, connect, grow and advance at every stakeholder touchpoint, as a trusted ICT brand.



Farai Muparadzi, Installer, MultiChoice Namibia

Farai owns 2 shops that sell DStv and GOtv hardware and security/alarm systems since 2007. Together with his partner they employ 10 staff members and have 4 guys doing the installations. With the help of MultiChoice they’ve managed to grow the business.

Executive Management Team

Roger Gertze - Managing Director

Elzita Beukes– Corporate Affairs Manager

Abbelene Boer – Head of Marketing

Peet Horn – Head of Sales

Annarien Vorster – Finance Manager

Simon Ipinge – Operations Manager

Lavinia Shikongo – Head of Customer Experience and Care

Moko Gawanas – Human Resources Manager

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MultiChoice Leadership Profile

Call for Submissions

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As an adherent licensee and compliant broadcaster, we are committed to act in accordance with the CRAN Broadcasting Code.

In the event that a subscriber has a concern or complaint, they have the right to submit their complaint or concern directly to CRAN.