Enriching Lives

We’re committed to uplifting, supporting, and investing in the communities in which we operate

Through our continued investment in long term corporate social initiatives, we strive to enrich lives of Africans.

MultiChoice Accelerator

The MultiChoice Accelerator is a program launched by the MultiChoice Innovation Fund to develop and connect African entrepreneur-led small businesses in emerging technology fields.

Group Showcase

MultiChoice unveils exciting television content during each showcase that is guaranteed to keep viewers glued to their screens and with emphasis on delivering incredible value to customers.

The Earthshot Prize

MultiChoice Group has officially announced that it is a member of the Global Alliance Membership of The Earthshot Prize, that includes non-profit and international organizations committed to the environment and sustainable development.

MultiChoice Talent Factory

We are all storytellers, ultimately. Our journey to becoming is marked by ambition, inhibitions, disappointments and endless determination as we travel towards our destiny. Every story has a beginning... where does your story begin?

Sound Factory

The introduction of the Sound Factory will consist of a panel of producers whose work will be supported by MultiChoice and the various business units that sit within MultiChoice Group. The music produced by them will take precedent when producing campaigns, and brand projects.

Youth Month

TRUE ICONS aims to recognise the young and audacious spirit within each and everyone of us. It also sheds a spotlight on how MultiChoice has impacted and continues to drive meaningful and positive change for Mzansi’s youth.

Group Showcases

The annual MultiChoice Group Showcase is a platform where MultiChoice gives media a view of what we have planned for the upcoming year. The showcase provides exclusive insights and updates about new developments - including upcoming content for the year, new innovations and partnerships, as well as product offerings aligned to the business strategy.

Customer Experience

Our Customer Journey brings together Marketing, Sales, Content, Care, Operations and Customer Engagement, to ensure that everyone – front and back of house – understands that everything they do has the ultimate aim of producing the best possible experience for our customers.

Africa Month

Africa’s star is rising. Our continent is taking its place in the world, asserting our right to be heard and represented. This new African presence is finding expression in numerous fields, but none as exciting as in creative arts and entertainment.

MC Africa Social Report 2020

MultiChoice Group is more than just entertainment. 
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We are more than just entertainment.
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