An explosion of African cinema

Africa’s star is rising. Our continent is taking its place in the world, asserting our right to be heard and represented. This new African presence is finding expression in numerous fields, but none as exciting as in creative arts and entertainment. With storytelling deeply entrenched in the African culture, it is no wonder that the continent is rich in original tales that bring to life the diversity and colourful heritage of African countries. While our trailblazing artists are making their presence felt on the global stage, veritable armies of actors, producers, directors and content creators on our continent are producing African content for Africa’s people.

At MultiChoice, we are proud to be a part of this journey, helping to create platforms for Africans to express their stories.

As content producers, we also understand how critical it is that we not only tell our own stories, but that we do it using the highest possible standards and production values. There is an almost insatiable appetite for authentic local content; and as Africans, we deserve to see ourselves reflected in our own content, produced by our own people. Long may we continue to express Africa.

Expressing Africa

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