Privacy & Cookie Notice

This privacy notice gives effect to many of our responsibilities as a responsible party or a Controller in terms of the applicable legislation in the respective countries where we operate.

If you have a concern about the way we are handling your information please complete the form below to log a query, for example if you feel we:

  • are unlawfully processing your personal information;
  • are not keeping your personal information secure;
  • are misusing your personal information;
  • are keeping personal information about you for longer than is necessary;
  • hold inaccurate personal information about you;
  • have disclosed personal information about you;
  • have collected personal information for one reason and is using it for something else; or
  • have accessed your personal information without your authorization.

If you have any queries or questions regarding your Personal Information or how we Process it, please complete the form below to log a query. This email address is actively monitored, and we endeavour to respond to all requests within 1 (one) month.

If possible, please supply all or any of the following information to assist us in the Process:

  • Full name of the person lodging the compliant
  • Contact details such as email address and telephone number
  • How the personal data was collected (if known)
  • All necessary information (such as your account number and what you think we have done wrong)
  • The timeframe over which the suspected wrongdoing occurred (if known); and
  • Any evidence in support of the complaint
Log a Privacy Query

In order to verify your identity should you request a copy of your data or information about your data, we may ask for a copy of your passport, driving license, national identity card or birth certificate.

Contact our Data Privacy Officer or Data Governance Team on 011 289 3000

Should you wish to request access to information or records owned, held by, or otherwise under our control, please see our Promotion of Access to Information Manual (PAIA)

While we try to respond as promptly as possible, resolution times will vary depending on the nature of the complaint. Our DPO will liaise with our relevant departments to investigate your complaint. You will be notified of the outcome of your complaint as well as any action taken.

If you remain unhappy after the appeals process you may forward your complaint to the Information Regulator:

or the Information Regulator (South Africa):
SALU Building,
316 Thabo Sehume Street,
Tel: 012 406 4818
Fax: 086 500 3351

More information can be found at

For the purposes of lodging complaints, it is the complaint which must be vexatious and not the individual making the complaint.

While we differentiate between people who make numerous complaints because they think things have gone wrong and people who are simply being difficult, we do understand that sometimes complainants act in distress, and we will make reasonable allowance for that.

We may decide not to attend to the complaint based on one or more of the following reasons:

  • Persisting in a complaint after being advised that there are insufficient or no grounds for your complaint or that we are not the appropriate body.
  • Refusing to co-operate with the complaints process, without good reason, but still wanting your complaint to be resolved, including a failure or refusal to specify the grounds of a complaint despite offers of assistance, changing the basis of the complaint as inquiries of a complaint despite offers of assistance.
  • Changing the basis of the complaint as inquiries are made and introducing trivial or irrelevant new information and expecting this to be considered and commented on.
  • Submitting repeat complaints, after the complaint procedure has been completed essentially about the same issues, with additions/variations which the Complainant then insists on being treated as new complaints and put through the full complaint procedure again.
  • Refusing to accept the outcome of the procedure after its conclusion, repeatedly arguing the point, complaining about the outcome, and/or denying that an adequate response has been given.